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RayShawn Williams, born in Dorchester, MA.  An only child to a military family. He spent his early years between the ages of  4 & 11 following his parents across the world from army base to army base before settling back to Boston. His early childhood inspirations were Prince and the one and only Michael Jackson.  “I wanted to play the drum in Prince’s Revolution band, dance and perform like Michael Jackson.”  After graduating high school he was faced with the choice many aspiring entertainers face at the beginning of their careers Where to move….New York or LA?… He decided to try the ‘Big Apple’ first so he enrolled himself into Long Island University in Brooklyn to study TV productions.  He wanted to graduate but his passion to dance and act in the industry was too big so he with-drew from all his classes after 4 semesters.  He had the courage to walk away from school and follow his dreams. He landed a few odd jobs including working at Sony Music Studios, while finding an agent and booking 2 seasons of the HBO hit TV series “OZ” as a background actor.

He began to take the brave chances that would lead him on a path devoted to his craft and his dreams.

Picked out among a sea of extras RayShawn took center stage as a feature in a Jay Z music video directed by Dave Meyer’s for the single “Do It Again (Put Your Hands Up)”. His cool dance moves, charm and appeal only took off from there and since then he has been cast in a bunch of Music videos, TV shows, Commercials, Films and more before life took a strange and sudden turn.

He was suddenly blinded in both eyes by a rare auto-immune condition known as Uveitis. “It was the most difficult obstacle I’ve ever had to face, I became so nervous to continue my dream, not knowing if I could lose my vision again at any moment.” It was through faith, that he began to heal, to believe in himself again and through God he was able to let go of his insecurities and take back his dreams. Then to only find it hard and difficult to have a full time job and pursue a dream at the same time.  He put his dreams and career on temporary pause while he worked to make a living in New York City.   Although, he worked a corporate job, he still managed to book a few gigs here and there.

It wasn’t until 2014 came around and he was greeted with the news that his job of 12 years would be terminated and outsourced.  Instead, of taking that as bad news he took the news in a positive way believing God was showing him it’s his last chance and his time to go full dive into his career as a professional actor.  “I loved my job, they offered me to stay with the new company but I was tired. I wasn’t being fulfilled anymore so I made the decision to follow my heart and let faith lead me.”

Since quitting his full time job of 12 years at HBO he  immediately went to work as a full time Actor with appearances on Law & Order, Madam Secretary, and national commercials while still being in New York.  Then he did the unthinkable in November 2014 and relocated to Los Angeles, finally driving his career and following his dreams and passion to a new level,  “Stay Tuned I just arrived”.

If there is a challenge, Ray Shawn Williams is up for the task, full of insight his versatility, his fashion, style and infectious smile and personality will get him very far.  His true passion for his craft is nonpareil. He just inspired us all too follow our dreams and never give up!

View his resume and contact RayShawn at iamrayshawn@gmail.com for bookings.

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